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5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Wedding Without Pinterest

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It is tricky to know where to start when deciding how to decorate your wedding venue. The most obvious place to start is Pinterest. However, a board full of Pinterest weddings might not translate to your venue or your budget and could prove over-whelming and confusing leaving with a mishmash of decor that looks disjointed or works against your chosen venue.

So, where do you start when you don't have a clear wedding vision? Here's 5 ways to get inspiration for your wedding décor without using Pinterest

Flowers Feather and Ferns at Chippenham Park Wedding Venue

1) Get Your Ideas Down

Write down 3-5 words to describe how YOU want your wedding to look and feel. You might want a stylish, contemporary and fresh look or a romantic, elegant and classic wedding feel. Think about how the words work together and start to think about how those words could look at your wedding.

2) Use Your Venue as Inspiration

Revisit your wedding venue! You picked it because you love it. It works for the wedding you are looking to create. If you're at a loss on how to start choosing décor, book another venue visit and wander round with your phone and a notepad. Walk through your day and take inspiration from your venue. What do you love about how it is decorated? What are your favourite features, fixtures and fittings? Look at the venue's décor choices, surfaces and textures and how they work together. Take video and photos of what you see. How can you build these elements into your wedding design?

3) Use a Colour Wheel

If you've got a favourite colour and you'd like to feature in your wedding but don't know how to build it into a colour scheme, you could try a simple monochromatic colour palette. This consists of around 5 or more different tones, shades and tints of the same colour. Another visually appealing alternative is to pick three colours that all sit together on the colour wheel. These alongside different tones and shades make a pleasing palette. If you want something a little different you could choose two complementary colours that are opposite on the colour wheel then add in tints, tones and shades or create a scheme. Another idea is to use tints, tones and shades of three colours that are spaced evenly around the colour wheel. It is important to work with your venue colours, not against, you'll get a more cohesive look overall.

4) Take Inspiration from Nature

A favourite flower, bird or landscape will give you ideas on ways to combine colour, texture and pattern into your wedding design. You'll be surprised when you look closely, just how many colours, tints, tones and hues, patterns and textures are all around us. A good wedding design will feature all these elements. A combination of surfaces and textures plus a cracking colour palette will add depth, drama, luxury and create a truly unique wedding fit to be pinned, but without recreating what has already been done.

5) Vision for Visual People

You can tell someone what you want, but the only way to clearly and effectively communicate your vision is by showing people. Create a mood board; add photos from your venue visit; include adjectives you noted down to describe your day and add samples of fabrics; paper or card for your stationery and photos of the flowers you'd like included in your bouquet. You should build your colour palette into your mood board, so it is very clear what you are trying to achieve. Show the finished mood board to your visual suppliers and let them create designs, not copy from Pinterest.

If all of the above is too difficult or time consuming for you or you just need someone to help narrow your ideas into a cohesive design, please considering booking my inspiration session. It is a service for brides to be just like you and will really help with communicating your vision to others. To find out about the service drop me an email on

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