How To Guide: Making Your Own Christmas Wreath

November 7, 2019

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Louise Bone (The Botanical Shed) and I have organised our second annual Christmas wreath making workshops for this December. You'll probably already know how much we both love to get creating and how much joy it brings to teach other people, all over Essex, to do the same. Not only is the process of wreath making enjoyable and creative, it is also great to be able to display what you've made and admire it every time you enter the home throughout the holiday season. Louise and I have different styles, she likes traditional wreaths with lots of natural decor, foliage and flowers with luxurious velvet ribbons that adorn the doors of beautiful country homes, while I like to try different combinations of decorations that happen to catch my fancy, are very textured and use warm and cool colours together. You don't need to have any experience to make a wreath, just give it a go! With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to share with you, some tips that will help you to have the confidence to make your own Christmas door wreath this year; either at home, or at one of our relaxing and sociable festive workshops.



Gather all your wreath making supplies first. You'll need a metal wreath ring, florists wire, wire cutters and secateurs, plus plenty of fresh festive greenery and decorations such as dried fruit, seed heads, berries, pine cones. Wreath can be made with so many different 'ingredients'. Foraging from the garden is a fun way to create a really unique looking wreath, you may have a garden full with foliage that you inspire you to get started. You could look into sourcing less traditional decor, such as feathers and fresh or dried flowers to add other elements to your wreath design. It may be helpful to wear an apron to protect your clothing during the wreath making process. Below is an example of the equipment we provide for you at our workshops. We pre-moss the wreath rings to ensure you can make the most of the full workshop for getting creative and ensuring you leave with a finished product.




There are many ways to make a wreath. We suggest using the traditional moss based wreath ring as a base, it will keep fresh greenery looking great throughout the whole of December if displayed outdoors. If you keep your wreath displayed indoors, you will need to spritz the back of your wreath with water every few days to keep the moss moist and the greenery looking fresher for longer.  



When you are ready to being creating, cut greenery into palm sized lengths and make up small bunches of spruce or fir to place on top of the moss ring. Start by placing the first bunch at the top of your wreath ring and wire each bunch securely, work clockwise around the ring, and overlapping and securing each bunch. You may like to angle each bunch slightly, alternating angling up and down to get a full and organic looking Christmas wreath. 




To create a really natural, organic and contemporary looking Christmas wreath, do try to experiment with using a variety of festive foliage and other ingredients to add interesting texture and fullness. Select traditional festive ingredients such as blue spruce or cypress fir and pair softer and more whimsical ingredients such as ivy, eucalyptus or willow and add herbs like rosemary or cinnamon sticks to add another sensory element. For inspiration you may like to look at my Christmas Wreath Pinterest Board or view the gallery of images taken at last year's workshops, which can be found on mine and Louise's Facebook pages PARTY SQUARED | THE BOTANICAL SHED  There really is no limit to what you can use, although some ingredients will hold up better than others, so you may like to do a little research of testing ahead of starting. If you'd like to ask any questions about wreath making, pop a comment below. 




As well as using combinations of foliage in your bunches earlier in the process you can add additional decor once the foliage wreath has been formed. Decorate your natural festive wreath ring with wired dried whole limes, orange slices, lotus heads and pine cones, taking care to ensure they are securely attached to the back of the mossed wreath ring. Festive coloured twigs, christmas baubles, feathers and bows are all great ways to add colour to your wreath. Think about where you are displaying your wreath and what decor will give your house added festive kerb appeal and cheer. If you are looking to create something traditional, adding holly and red berries and a beautiful red velvet ribbon is a simple and effective way to do this. 




Don't forget to create a loop using a piece of wire to hang your wreath from your door securely. You could purchase a door wreath hanger which is a very simple way to hang a door wreath, although these do not fit all exterior doors, so research carefully what will suit your own front door. Another way would be to suspend the wreath from the door furniture or use a length of ribbon to secure inside and loop over the top of the door and hang down. Check there are no wire ends poking out of the back of your wreath that could scratch or damage your door if the wreath moves around on windy days. The soft moss backing will cause no damage. 




When you have enjoyed your creation for the duration of the festive period, you can disassemble your wreath, re-soak the moss ring and then place in an air tight bag or container for use again next Christmas! The fresh ingredients can be composted and the dried ingredients re-used the following year, just check they aren't damp before packing away. 



I've really enjoyed creating something new each year for my door. If you'd like to give it a go, but would like the ease of having all the equipment and ingredients provided or you're looking for a festive hobby or fun evening out with a group of friends, please book on our wreath making workshops this December. The workshop price is great value for money, with premium ingredients and complete free reign to create something totally you. Not only do you get a great afternoon / evening out with a lovely group of friends and new acquaintances, you also get to enjoy the creation for the rest of December. We are holding two workshops at St Mary's Church Hall (The Oakwood Preschool) in Langdon Hills, Essex, on 8th December 2019 at 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Join us for a relaxed afternoon or evening, enjoy a glass of Prosecco whilst you learn the skills needed to create your own wreath. You'll have free choice of a wide range of greenery, natural ingredients, ribbons and Christmas decorations and can spend up to 2 1/2 hours working on your own creation. To find out more or book you place, please visit   




We look forward to seeing your creations! 

Victoria and Louise

Party Squared | The Botanical Shed 


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