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Classic and Elegant Wedding Decor: 7 Things to Consider

When chatting with couples planning their wedding; in particular the design and decoration of their wedding ceremony and reception, I always ask what words they'd use to describe the wedding they are looking to create. More often than not couples tell me they want a 'simple, classic and elegant wedding' and who wouldn't?

Ok, so how do we go about creating a wedding that looks and feels classic, elegant and timeless? A wedding without fussy frills or cliche decorations; one that feels sophisticated and looks super elegant. Here's seven things to consider when designing;


Choosing an elegant, classic wedding colour palette will ensure that your wedding looks timeless and photos look great for years to come. Colour trends come and go so picking a colour palette such as; white or ivory and gold, or assorted pastels that have that classic feel creates that timeless look. Pick colours that go together well; you're looking for colour harmony and tones that complement each other rather than bold high contrast colours. Monochromatic and neutral colour groupings are also popular, with couples choosing formal black tie dress codes or linen suits and champagne coloured bridesmaids dresses.


You'll no doubt have chosen a super elegant wedding venue with plenty of character and details so use this as a steer for wedding decor ideas. Look at the venue's interiors and finishes and try to mimic these in your ceremony decor and table-scape design choices. Source elegant and sophisticated decor hire, classic lounge furniture and timeless table top décor to complement your venue's accents, fixtures and fittings.


Nothing creates a classic and elegant ambience like candlelight. Choose plenty of church candles to decorate your ceremony and tall taper candles on guest tables in your reception space. The goal is to create atmospheric, soft mood lighting so don't scrimp on this. Group candles in pairs or trios for extra opulence.


Another way to create a timeless look in with plenty of blooms. Incorporate organic looking floral arrangements with plenty of texture and classic varieties, such as garden roses, and hydrangeas, into your table arrangements. Large garden urns and tall table centres combined with smaller compote arrangements and delicate bud vases with single stems will add texture, colour and interest to your wedding decorations.


Elegant tables need to have crisp, crease free high quality linens (if you've hired a stylist, they'll be sure to be steaming cloths as a matter of course) and formal place settings with cutlery for each course; usually this is three courses, but can be up to seven for formal dining.


The easiest way to make a table feel elegant is plenty of high quality glassware. If your venue doesn't have what you are looking for, hire in red and white wine glasses, water glasses and champagne flutes in delicate glass with tall stems; antique crystal glassware and candlesticks for extra opulence; or coloured water goblets for a touch of charm.


Finally you should consider the layout and flow of the room. A good idea is to mix banqueting and round tables to create a stylish room layout and ensure the room is styled to look great as guests enter and from all seating aspects. Design the centrepieces around the rooms features, tall ceilings look great with tall table centres but avoid spoiling the view of grand light fixtures and keep in proportion with furniture, entryways and windows.

The above is not an exhaustive list of things to consider but considering the above will help you well on your way to designing a wedding that looks and feels elegant and sophisticated with details that are considered and add to the wedding day experience.

If the above feels daunting or you're stuck with a million images on a Pinterest board, I'd love to help you cut through the noise and design your perfect wedding. Get in touch now to find out about my design and styling services. As always you are welcome to comment or share this post and if you'd like to carry on the conversation get in touch via by email on

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