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Creative Table Layouts For Event Spaces

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

There are so many ways you can arrange wedding reception tables in your venue. The most obvious is an arrangement of circular tables, which works! Its sociable, easy for wedding caterers to move around and they look great. However, if you are planning something a little different or you have a unique space, that isn't suitable for this set up, you may need to get creative with your table planning.

I'd like to share with you some ideas for unique event table arrangement and set ups. Most are practical for awkward spaces, others give a relaxed feel and some use layouts to give WOW factor!


Traditional set ups see a top table and a collection of circular tables, identical in size and shape. This type of arrangement is formal and elegant. However, mixing up the tables gives you a more creative and unique effect. For dramatic impact in a grand event space why not combine round and rectangular tables?

Formal wedding reception set up. Arches lit with uplighter. Monochrome wedding.

Image credit: Still55 Photography


Another idea for impact is to frame the dance floor with tables. This beautiful arrangement of tables in an old cathedral surrounds a stunning monochrome dance floor. Long rectangular tables set diagonally across the space lead the eye to smaller circular tables with contrasting linens.

Dramatic monochrome wedding set up.

Image credit:


For those times when your top table just isn't big enough, or for more informal weddings add a trestle table down the centre for extended family and keep everyone happy! The clever use of linens on some of the more formal tables adds a traditional feel to this modern set up.

Rustic luxe and romantic table set up.

Image credit: Lindsey Mueller


Long narrow spaces can be difficult to arrange. You could consider using this as a feature and creating a unique table arrangement like the one below. The tables are connected like dominos and travel the length of the room so guests at each end still feel part of the event. Clever lighting enhances the unique and creative design.

Image credit: HMR Designs

OUTDOOR RECEPTIONS Holding a reception outdoors is becoming more popular in the UK, despite the weather. If you're looking to embrace the great outdoors you'll have a stunning backdrop to work with. Try long weaving tables through woodland or on beaches. Arrange trestle tables and fold up chairs like these from Anthology Vintage Hire in squares, for a sociable setting. We tried this in the woodland shoot we styled with Farlie Photography and a group of fantastic suppliers. Take a look a our Instagram for details of the suppliers by clicking the photo below.


A great way to work is to do your research. Look at what has been done before. Venue visits are a must. If you need a fresh pair of eyes or a helping hand, I can help with designing your wedding space and décor, don't hesitate to contact me. If you liked reading this post, take a look at our other blogs

Happy wedding planning!

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