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Tall Wedding Table Centrepieces Reach New Heights

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


In my experience taller table centrepieces are the most popular for weddings with a mid to high wedding budget. They are chosen both for their styling aesthetics and appearance as well for their practicalities. Tall wedding table centrepieces give the wedding reception the wow factor, they fill a room with statement floral arrangements, colour and texture, add height and interest, and are perfect for wedding venues with tall ceilings. Tall centrepieces are also very practical, they take up little space on the table; they link the decor from table top to ceiling and are above the eye line so they don't obstruct the view of the happy couple or interfere with conversation when guests are seated for dinner.

Tall wedding table centrepieces


The options for tall wedding centrepieces are changing all the time. This year has seen the move away from tall glass vases, to tall metal flower stands, rectangular box frame floral stands, sometimes called flower stands, table plinths or Harlow stands. These raise up floral arrangements above head height on either 70cm or 100cm elegant metal flower stands, usually coloured gold, white or even black. The plinth stands are an alternative to glass vases and can be further decorated with flowers or candles to continue the styling at table height.


I advise clients using hiring our metal flower stands in their wedding decor to consider using as ceremony decor before placing on their guest tables. Arrangements can be very easily moved from room to room for this purpose. Clusters of arrangements can be grouped together at the end of the ceremony walkway, used as markers or pew ends down your aisle, or used to frame the register table during your civil ceremony.

Bride in flower crown marries groom in houndstooth waistcoat at London Guildhall civil ceremony with tall metal flower stands either side of ceremony table.


On round guest tables either 70cm or 100cm table stands look great, particularly if the tables are offset. If you prefer a more uniform look, these table centres also work really well on long banqueting style tables. They can be placed further apart down the rows of tables, leading the eye right to the top table. Another popular trend is to link the stands to create a bridge of flowers to frame the top table guests or create a mock hanging installation. Table bridges, where arrangements run the length of the table at height, also work very well on banqueting tables for luxury high end weddings.

Wedding table at London Guildhall decorated with tall gold metal stand and wedding flower arrangement.


I have a large collection of gold metal stands available for hire. I offer either 70cm stands or 100cm stand heights. My stands are hand crafted and made from welded steel. They are very sturdy and strong and are more durable than the self assembly versions you can buy on line. They have a narrower footprint, saving space on your table, yet creating a tall, more narrow and elegant centrepiece. The stands hold either tight round floral arrangements and looser more organic arrangements well and suit a variety of venues and wedding styles. Why not get in touch to discuss how you can use the stands in your wedding decor? I offer dry hire to clients and wedding suppliers, or can arrange flowers for your event also using one of my trusted event florists.


So that's a little background into tall centrepieces. I have lots more ideas, so if you want more inspiration please head over to my Instagram @PartySquared_Weddings and follow PSQ. If you're looking for stands for your own wedding or a client's wedding, we hire to both couples, venues and florists. Our stands are gold, that's all we've been asked for so far. However, that doesn't mean to say they can't be resprayed a different colour... The possibilities are endless!

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