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Maximising Your Wedding Decor Budget

I understand how you must be feeling, you've not planned a wedding before and have no clue how much it costs to decorate a wedding or even where to start. You've read via the UK Wedding Report that the average wedding in the UK currently costs anything between £20K - £35K. Looking at the data in more detail this is for weddings with 80-90 guests and the calculations for decor only include a florist; no styling, no rentals, no lighting and no stationery so how can you make this budget work, whilst getting the decor you want? This post is all about maximising your wedding decor budget.

A groom in a dark suit and a bride in a gown with a long veil embrace surrounded by nature

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One way to maximise your wedding decor budget is to focus on designing for key areas of your day such as; the ceremony space, guest tables and signage or backdrops for photo moments. Bonus points if you can reuse ceremony decor in your reception space after your wedding ceremony. Florists have been repurposing ceremony table flowers onto the top table for years but there are lots more ways to reuse florals and decor throughout the day.

Another way is to pick local suppliers to keep delivery costs to a minimum. Finding suppliers who offer more than one service can also help keep costs down a little too, for example; some decor companies also offer floristry, stationery and on the day styling services, and DJs will be able to help with lighting as well as staging or a dance floor. The more people you have driving to and from your venue, the more you'll spend on transportation costs.

My advice is to keep decor simple and uncluttered and pick unique pieces to make your wedding different to other weddings you've attended recently. Try to pick decor that complements your wedding venue and the existing decor instead of trying to cover up the bits you don't love. Focus on one show-stopping piece of decor that adds plenty of interest or atmosphere. This might be a floral installation or lighting installation if the venue doesn't have anything in place already.

Your colour palette should be broad to allow searching for elements that 'match' easier and more cost effective and you should make a feature of the elements of your wedding that span other budgets including making a feature of your cake and wedding signage.

Talking of matching, not everything has to match; a mix of different expensive and elaborate centrepieces mixed with smaller and simpler centrepieces not only looks more interesting but can help create impact whilst staying within budget.

Finally, don't sweat the small stuff, your guests won't notice if they don't have favours or individual menus and all these small details can really add up.

The very best way to maximise the budget you have allocated for wedding decor is to seek help from a professional. An experienced wedding stylist will have the expertise to help you create a cohesive and beautiful look for your wedding, while also finding ways to get the most impact for your budget. Hiring a stylist to manage the set up of your wedding decor is hugely beneficial to you during the planning stages and not just when managing the budget, you can read more about why here.

Styling is about design and is a bespoke service so there's a cost associated and it may not be something you've budgeted for, BUT hiring a wedding stylist can be a game-changer when it comes to maximising your wedding budget.

A talented wedding stylist can work with you to help you to:

  • determine your wedding vision, style and preferences avoiding costly mistakes

  • create a visual design plan with a focus on creating the most impact in your ceremony and reception

  • keep your decor ideas within a comfortable spend

  • find local wedding suppliers that align with your vision to save on transportation costs

  • recommend cost-effective alternatives to expensive event decor items

  • source event hire pieces instead of purchasing expensive single use wedding decor

  • allocate your wedding budget realistically to avoid overspending and hidden costs

Paying for wedding styling services may seem counterproductive, it simply is not. An event stylist has a wealth of experience, contacts and expertise. Their advice and knowledge is priceless and will avoid overspending, ill advised or unnecessary purchases and mistakes.

Get in touch via email on or the contact form on my website to find out more about how I can help you to style your wedding venue. I offer face to face and onsite services for clients in Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding counties and online services for those clients out of my area of operation.

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