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The Benefits of Working with a Wedding Stylist for Your Big Day

Employing a wedding stylist can bring many benefits to your special day. If you are considering using a stylist to help achieve the detail focused wedding of your dreams, keep reading. I'll give you the top five benefits of hiring a wedding stylist.

I'm Victoria, a business owner and event stylist, I've been styling weddings all over Essex and the surrounding counties since 2018. I know from experience and reviews and testimonials that working with a stylist helped my clients.

Wedding stylist arranging a grey chiffon table runner on a banqueting table covered with a white table cloth

Here are five benefits of working with a wedding stylist:

1. EXPERTISE: Wedding stylists are experienced professionals with a keen eye for design details and aesthetics. They will take time to get to understand your wedding vision and consider how you want your wedding to look and feel before using their knowledge and expertise to create a cohesive and visually appealing wedding that reflects your personal style as a newly engaged couple.

2. TIME-SAVING: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and time-consuming and on occasion quite mentally exhausting! By hiring a wedding stylist early on, you and your partner can focus on the fun parts of wedding planning; like choosing what to wear; tasting cake or finding the perfect band or entertainment - leave the nitty-gritty design details, prop sourcing, florals and venue decoration to the stylist.

3. REDUCING STRESS: With a wedding stylist in charge of your decor, you can relax knowing that everything from will be taken care of. They can coordinate with wedding suppliers, set up decor, and with their experience and stylist's tool kit to hand, they can handle any unexpected issues that may arise.

4. BUDGET MANAGEMENT: Wedding stylists are skilled at creating beautiful weddings whilst being realistic on costs. They do everything possible to stay close to your chosen budget. If your ideas and your budget don't quite align, they can help you to prioritise where to allocate funds and find creative ways to save money without sacrificing style.

5. UNIQUE TOUCHES: A wedding stylist can help you incorporate unique and personalised elements into your wedding. They can suggest creative ideas that you may not have thought of and help bring your vision to life in a way that is both beautiful and memorable.

If you are thinking of bringing a wedding stylist on board, reach out early in your planning and chat to stylists in your local area who help to create weddings that you really love. Get to know them and how they work, follow them on Instagram and Pinterest, watch their behind the scenes videos, see who they work alongside and spend time browsing their website and hire collection.

You can start with your venue's recommended list but don't discount stylists who haven't yet worked at your chosen wedding venue, they may bring a welcome injection of new ideas! Look for stylists who have experience and good relationships with other suppliers locally, if other suppliers have worked with them previously and recommend them, this is a good sign.

Most stylists offer a range of services to suit all budgets; from hire and installation of props in their styling collection to day of services or full wedding design there is something to suit all needs and budgets. I guarantee whatever service you book, you'll be glad you did.

Party Squared works with newly engaged couples who are looking to create memorable chic and elegant weddings with a focus on design details and quality. If you are planning a wedding in Essex or Suffolk and would like to find out more about the event styling services myself and my team offer, please get in touch via the contact form on my website so I can send you my services brochure.

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