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Wedding Planning Tip: Make the Call!

Choosing a wedding supplier is a bit like dating. A wedding business catches your eye, but you don't know much about them. You do a bit of online searching and try to find out more about them. Maybe you send an email checking your date or asking for more information about the services offered. Then the supplier asks you to book a call... and... you either jump boldly in or get cold feet and try to carry the conversation on by email. I know this is how it goes, I've done it myself in the past. Some of us just aren't all that happy to call and talk about what we are looking for, we'd rather let people guess.

I strongly advise you to MAKE THE CALL to any wedding supplier(s) whose work aligns with your wedding vision. Here's why...

1) You'll get to know them easier and get a feeling if they are the right person for the job

2) Your enquiry may be dealt with more efficiently

3) You can ask for testimonials or to see previous wedding work that is similar to your vision

4) You can talk about pricing specific to your wedding

Choosing a Wedding Stylist

When choosing an event stylist you have to remember that design, styling and wedding coordination is a bespoke service, not a one size fits all. Its a boutique service, booked with a professional whom you trust implicitly to oversee the look and feel of your wedding, leaving you stress free and relaxed on the lead up to your wedding ceremony. But how do you build that trust and make sure you choose the right person for the job.

Find the Right Person for the Job

At a time when wedding venues tours, wedding open days and meeting wedding suppliers in person isn't permitted, a phone call is the next best thing. (At the time of writing, the UK was in lockdown 3.0.) Most wedding stylists offer what's known as a discovery call. Helpful for both the client and the wedding stylist, the discovery call is a 10 -15 minute chat. You can explain what help you are looking for; whether it be wedding design inspiration, wedding styling or on the day wedding co-ordination and then you can ask questions to help decide if they're the right wedding vendor for you. If you're worried about the call turning into a salesy hard sell, don't be. You don't have to stay on a call if it makes you feel uncomfortable and you'll know straight away that you need to continue your search for the perfect wedding supplier.

Speed up Your Enquiry

I'm not saying that email enquiries aren't efficient, however, some queries can be dealt with more quickly via a phone call. A question is answered immediately and there isn't all the toing and froing that inevitably happens via email. You may prefer email so everything discussed or agreed is written down. If you're worried about conversations not being documented you can always ask for a quick summary of the chat to be made after the call has finished. Most suppliers would do this anyway or the points would be covered in a contract between you and the supplier.

Recommendations and Testimonials

Most of my wedding styling enquiries come via recommendations made by venues in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge. Some recommendations come from past clients or wedding suppliers, cake makers, florists and wedding planners who have worked with me. I also have clients find me from Instagram and Pinterest. Potential clients will usually have been told about my business, seen a post, a styled set up or a prop they like and then visited my website before making an enquiry. After a quick chat about the plans you've made already, I'll usually refer you to some work of a similar style or create a concept board so you are clear I have understood what you are looking for. Not all stylists offer this, so it might be something you want to ask about. I include testimonials from previous clients on my proposals and on my website so I will usually suggest clients read these as testament to my professionalism and attention to detail.

Pricing Specific to Your Wedding

If you're worried about curve ball questions from your wedding stylist and you'd like to be prepared for what they might ask you, (each enquiry is different) you can expect them to check on your budget for styling services. To bust a myth, wedding stylists don't ask about your wedding budget for any other reason than to ensure that the services they recommend to you are within your budget. Having this conversation early on avoids upset and disappointment on your behalf, in case a particular element is out of reach financially. It also means that maybe you have time to reallocate spending to achieve what you are really looking for.

What Next?

At the end of the call you're the one in control. I'm certain you won't regret calling! Take some time to go over what came up in the with your partner if they weren't on the call. When you are ready to book, don't delay. If you still have questions, book another call. Remember, your wedding date isn't reserved without a firm booking and instalment payment so it is best to make things official as soon as you have made the decision to proceed.

Let me know how you get on and if you'd like to book a call to talk about your wedding design or styling requirements with me, please CLICK to view my calendar and choose a time to suit you.

Victoria, Creative Director, Party Squared

Party Squared is boutique event hire and styling company who work with clients looking for high quality, unique and stylish event decor and styling serves in Essex and the surrounding counties. To request a brochure please visit

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