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Weddings After Coronavirus

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Some restrictions on lockdown and gatherings have been eased in the UK, however, weddings are still not permitted. Couples have had to cancel, postpone, change and adapt their plans, so what will weddings look like post Coronavirus?

I've heard from lots of couples over the last three months, each has had a different emotional response to the impact the virus will have on their plans; a different viewpoint about what is and isn't possible and varying concerns to the situation we find ourselves in. All the couples I have spoken with are trying to be positive and focus on what is important; most have begun to reassess their wedding priorities and in turn, their plans. Some engaged couples I have been in contact with want to get married no matter who is in attendance and for them a private ceremony where they can share their vows together is all that matters. Other cannot able to imagine getting married without their families in attendance, particularly older relatives who may be shielding and would otherwise want to share the occasion or family members travelling from other countries who may not be permitted to travel or may need to quarantine on arrival to the country, so they have chosen to wait until such time as they can do this. For some, with dates already rescheduled, further plans have had to take a back seat as it is too heart-breaking for them to think about the wedding that should have been and the connections they would have shared with loved ones them desperately miss seeing and holding.

Humanist ceremony couple marry outdoors with ghost chairs and dried flowers

Weddings will always be important in our lives no matter what happens when the risks of the virus pass. Weddings will always be special, personal, heartfelt and full of emotion. Sharing your love with each other and friends and family is the only thing that matters; however you chose to do it, it will be an important part of your journey together and bring happy memories for years to come. Here are some of the ways we hold weddings may change in the future. It's not saying that all of these or any of these will suit you or apply to your plans; these are some of the ideas and adaptations that I have discussed with the couples I have spoken with.

Micro Weddings

Couples may plan what is called a micro wedding. A micro wedding is very small and intimate ceremony where only the closest family members are in attendance. These weddings could take place soon after restrictions on weddings are lifted and whilst social distancing measures are still in place. Smaller weddings have been on the rise in recent years due to financial reasons, family reasons, location, ethical minded couples or indeed personal preference. Some couples may see a very intimate guest list as a kinder way to exclude distant family and friends who aren't as close or so regularly in touch.


As a wedding stylist involved from the outset of a couples planning journey, I have heard not only wedding plans from my couples but life plans and goals that they hope will follow their marriage or partnership. Couples who have chosen their wedding date around work commitments, a house purchase or starting a family may not want to wait another year or two and may instead choose an elopement or registry office once further restrictions on weddings are lifted. The idea of a sudden and secretive wedding escape away from home, with your beloved seems very appealing and romantic and would ensure their future plans aren't affected. I think we'll see more elopements in the years following 2020, the year weddings didn't happen, for those couples who never wanted a large or traditional wedding. For those who want to focus on their experience and keep things private, this is the perfect option.

Couple embrace during elopement wedding outdoor ceremony with dried flower ceremony arc

Open Air Weddings

Over the last few years the UK has seen outdoor ceremonies held in summer increase in popularity. Many venues now have permanent structures outdoors where couples can hold a civil marriages or partnerships. In our post Coronavirus world, outdoor celebrations like this could be a practical solution and guests may feel more comfortable attending outdoor gatherings due to the reduce risks. Chairs could be spaced 2m apart and guests could only be seated with other members of their household. Additional temporary outdoor structures such as sail cloth tents, marquees, gazebos and tipis can be hired in case of inclement weather and wedding decor could include wedding umbrellas or sunshades for your guests to use during the ceremony. I think we are getting braver when it comes to holding events outdoors. The perfect wedding isn't always perfect, sometimes things don't go according to plan and that makes them memorable and fun.

Off Peak

The traditional wedding season sees weddings in the UK held from early spring until late autumn. Peak wedding dates for spring and summer 2021 and 2022 will have been booked 18 months to two years earlier leaving couples postponing their date little choice in rescheduling. Although already available throughout the busy season weekday weddings could become more mainstream and cosy winter weddings may become more popular as a result.

Location, Location, Location

Venues book early, sometimes up to two years ahead, meaning couples who had booked weddings abroad for 2020 and are now looking to plan a wedding closer to home may or couples rescheduling postponed weddings may struggle to find a space to host their celebrations. It may be they need to look for alternative wedding venues locally, or get creative when where to hold their special day. Some couples may opt to host celebrations at home if they, or a relative have the space to erect a marquee or tipi in the garden or choose a less traditional and more informal venue. Even if you can't visit venues at the moment, most are offering virtual tours, pre-recorded show rounds or zoom video tours.

Styling Trends

Couples may re-evaluate their guest list and chose to host a smaller paired back wedding with simpler details and a focus on the couple rather than the décor. Others have used the reduction in their guest list to reallocate the wedding budget and added more luxury styling details to their wedding reception such as; hiring in crockery and cutlery. Creative couples have been learning new hobbies, making and spending time on Pinterest planning their wedding vision.

Triangle Arch Backdrop for Wedding Cake at Farm Wedding

So, what will your wedding look like? Will you run away in secret and get married or will you put your dream wedding on hold and wait, you've been together years, a few months won't matter? Whatever you choose - it will be the most perfect day. If you'd like to find out more about my services head to the contact form and let's chat. You can request a brochure and view client testimonials on the website.

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Supplier Love

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Cake Design: Angela Hodson Jones

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