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Micro Weddings are a Big Deal

As weddings change and evolve over time, what couples want from their special day is also changing. Traditional weddings as they were once known, move aside for more personalised marriages and civil partnerships that focus on the guests' and the couples' experiences. Traditions we once knew, are not always featured in modern weddings.

Photography by Sarah Ann Weddings | Styling by Party Squared | Flowers by Moutan

The Walled Garden at The Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

The traditional big, white wedding might not be for you, instead you may choose to focus on an unforgettably intimate celebration with your closest family and friends. As a guide, a micro wedding is extremely small with just a few guests in attendance and an intimate wedding can be anything from 20 - 60 guests. Micro wedding ceremonies are permitted under the government restrictions set to take place from 4 July 2020 as they include a maximum of 30 people from your close friends and family.

Aside from Coronavirus, there are many reasons for opting for a smaller wedding. These include; limited finances or allocating your budget in the way that you want; family politics; personal preference and creating a more relaxed and personal celebration.

Let's look at the numbers. Less guests = less tables; smaller catering and drinks bill; smaller wedding cake; less tables to decorate with less floral arrangements, less wedding stationery and consumables like dinner candles and wedding favours. So depending on your personal circumstances and preferences, you could choose to save money or splurge on another element of the wedding.

We know weddings aren't just about the guest numbers, or a checklist of wedding traditions and trends to include. They are built around the couples love, dreams and personality and a desire to create a fantastic experience for themselves and their guests. Micro and intimate marriages can be even more personal and meaningful and full of experiences. With fewer guests, the couple can ensure they spend quality time with them all or sneak off together to have some amazing post wedding photos taken.

Another positive with a reduction in guests is that the wedding budget can include more quality experiences both visual, emotive and auditory. For example; by having a smaller guest list to cater for you can; choose a more intimate and exclusive venue; assign a larger budget to decorating your venue, styling your tables with hired in cutlery and crockery, glass charger plates or coloured glassware; replace standard venue table linen with luxury linen; replace the venues choice of table and chairs for luxury chairs or wooden banqueting tables; hire professional musicians to play during your ceremony entrance and during your wedding breakfast or reception; or choose a high end catering company to provide a Michelin Star quality menu. Intimate weddings give you the change to plan and style the wedding of your dreams, at a price you are comfortable with.

Families are complex units nowadays. You may have a large, extended or reconstituted family with many family members being classed immediate, as well as a combination of blood relatives and step relatives. Who you invite or don't invite can be difficult to decide and can get complicated, especially if one of you has a much larger family than the other. In cases such as these; where money is a deciding factor in the guest list size (or length), then it is sometimes kinder to have a close family only rule.

If you're not one for the limelight, you may not like being the centre of everyone's attention and may not like the idea of hundreds of guests snapping photos of you both all day. Standing up to make a speech may be easier for you with a smaller group of people you know the best and sharing heartfelt vows or promises in front of a large group may have you a little worried. It is OK to want a small wedding because you'd prefer a small wedding and because you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed.

You could have very understanding members of your extended family or may temporarily upset someone at work who isn't invited to your intimate wedding, but at the end of the day, you don't host your wedding to please other people.

A wedding has always been about two people, who are very much in love, declaring that love and sharing their special day with their nearest and dearest. You can always send a video or live stream so those not invited can still share in your joy!

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